Soul destroying - Issola Spoiler

Jon_Lincicum at stream.com Jon_Lincicum at stream.com
Wed Nov 9 09:38:58 PST 2005

I prefer to think of the "Tendrils" of Teldra (Can I say "Teldrals" 
without getting smacked?) as being more like "seeds" of a soul, that are 
now "planted" in Godslayer. Does this mean that Godslayer will ever BE 
Teldra? Of course not, but that the sentience and vitality of soul that 
will eventually emerge (What Sethra refers to as "waking up") is going to 
grow from the distilled essence of what WAS Teldra in every important 


> So does a morganti weapon destroy a soul? Well, it certainly starts
> digesting it, and probably if left to its own, continues to 
> do so. Is that
> destruction permanent? Left open, but I'd say in most cases 
> yes. Teldra may
> be a lucky partial-exception, but I don't think anyone will 
> volunteer to be
> the second test case of her experience.

Teldra is gone. Vlad makes that point multiple times. The bits of
"Teldraness" that are left behind are more like echos of what Teldra was. 
gathering them together, he's not re-assembling Teldra's soul. It's more
like he's taking a snapshot of her personality and imprinting it onto
GodSlayer's nascent personality. He names the knife Lady Teldra but he
doesn't mean it literally. He means that it "feels" like Lady Teldra. If 
communicates with him (we don't know just how a Great Weapon interacts 
its bearer, though Sethra appears to be  implying that they are able to
communicate on a personal level) then he might perceive it to have 
personality and/or voice. Even so, this would just be a simulacrum; an
artifact of the process that created Godslayer. Teldra's soul, the thing
that made her "Teldra", is gone forever.