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On 11/9/05, Jon Lincicum <lincicum at comcast.net> wrote:
> Add to that the fact that most deaths probably occur in battle (sorcery
> preventing most deaths by illnress, and accidental deaths resulting (in
> most cases) in revivification), and most armies probably arrange for the
> disposition of bodies (and threrby, souls) as a part of their general
> operation . (This certainly is how it seemed to work for Morrolan's army
> in Dragon.)

You're thinking like a noble. Revivification, as we see from Yendi, is
a very expensive operation for anybody but a crime lord; and we see
from Athyra that most Teckla won't rely on sorcery so much as folk
medicine to prevent illness.

Vlad has a very skewed view of Dragaeran society. SKZB has said that
the idea of a character really "knowing what's going on" in his
society is implausible to him.

> I doubt that the "holding of ransom" of bodies could really be common
> enough to matter (any more than the attempt to steal Lincoln's body for
> ransom was in the late 19th century).

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