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On 11/10/05, Steve Simmons <scs at di.org> wrote:
> IMHO it's worth a deeper look at that sorting by house, not by class.
> Dragons and Dzur kill at the drop of a hat.  Nearly all we've met of
> either group are unmarried or married without children.  Given the
> death rate we see, it's completely unsupportable.  Either there are

Ah, but the kill at the drop of a hat on a _Dragaeran_ time scale.
Khaavren kills a lot of people over the course of his lifetime, for
instance, and in fact kills many people in TPG; but I believe FHYA
notes that at that point Khaavren hadn't fought a duel in something
like a hundred years. Battles between Jhereg and the Phoenix Guard may
perhaps be "common," but that may mean "once every fifty years," which
is half a generation.

There are problems with this interpretation, particularly with
technological progress and the uncanny (relative) rapidity with which
things occur around Vlad, but I believe it is the "cool"
interpretation, i.e. part of the necessary background for cool stuff
to happen in.

> The Teckla supposedly have larger families, and we get to see a fair
> amount of typical Teckla life in Aythra (er, the one with Savn).  If
> memory serves, it's still all very small families - especially since
> Teckla are often cannon fodder for their lords..

Well, they also use Easterners.

> Now mind you, I'm not sitting up nights worrying about this.  The
> suspension of disbelief isn't hard, and I'm fine with that.

I guess I just have to suspend my belief in a different place, i.e.
the slow pace of Dragaeran society.

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