Pel vs. Paarfi

Sun Nov 13 22:29:00 PST 2005

> To the left, it may have been a typo (of "Pel" for "Paarfi"). 
> I'm just sayin', is all.

Steve sent me that email in February, but I didn't ask him about it until
April.  In my reply, I asked him a) was that a slip of the tongue and b)
could I post it to the List to foster speculation.

He answered a) he didn't even remember what we were talking about and b) go

So he has neither confirmed or denied that attributing it to Pel instead of
Paarfi was a mistake.

Just to make it even more confusing, the line in question is the first
sentence of the first chapter of The Phoenix Guards, describing the time and
location where Khaavren meets Tazendra and Aerich--Pel isn't even there
according to Paarfi.