Soul destroying - Issola Spoiler

Mon Nov 14 15:36:37 PST 2005

Maximilian Wilson wrote:

>>(AFB). So which Paarfi novels is it that Cawti likes to read? Too bad I
>>don't remember which book that line is it. Maybe it's the other Paarfi?
I believe you're looking for "Phoenix", at the end of the first chapter.

"She put down her book, one of Paarfi's 'histories,' and greeted me 
without coolness..."

I'm certain Paarfi has probably been writing books since the end of the 
Interregnum, but "Sethra Lavode" which is the Paarfi book that has the 
Paresh tale in it, is dated as being written in the 179th year of 
Norathar's reign. This, in fact, has to be at least 235 years after the 
events of Phoenix (in 244 PI) since Zerika ruled until at least 309 PI.

Or maybe Cawti was reading an advance copy? How does one get an advance 
copy of Paarfi's books, anyway? I'd like to sign up for that myself.