Dragaeran Projects

Wed Nov 16 04:23:06 PST 2005

Hi all,

As part of the Brust Fan summit in 2006 we hope to unveil the official art
for each house and the Dragaeran Tarot (see next mail for the Tarot)

The art will be in full color format (for shirts and sticker and such) and
in line drawing form (for use in a representation of the Cycle that Steve
would like to use on all future Dagaera books).  I have had several artists
working on this for almost a year now, and whilst Steven has seen and
approved some of the art there are still several houses that need to be
completed - in both formats.

If any of you or anyone you know has the skill to render these
representations and the inclination to get me such art for use in future
publications and Brust centric goodies please mail me your jpegs and or gifs
of such.  There will be a small percentage to the artists for any sales of
such art, but for the most part the artists' reward will be publication
credits and bragging rights - Steve will get the Lion's share of the profits
on any of this.

My in house artists' deadline was yesterday - and as I said, not all of the
art is complete, my print deadline is January 15th.

What I would like to do is submit all of the yet to be approved submissions
to Steve by the end of this year, then we will announce who's art will be
used for each needed piece by Jan 10th.

If you have any questions about this project please do not hesitate to ask.
I may be reached by e-mail here about half the time, or by Phone at
303-359-7073 pretty much all of the time.

Thanks for your love of the world and your help!

Rion Bergquist -
CEO Carpovita Press & Exec Director Opus Arts Festival - www.opusfest.com