On the longevity of Easterners

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On 11/15/05, Robert Pierce <phoenixrave at sc.rr.com> wrote:
> Do we know for a fact that the orb can't revivify Easterners?

Actually, we know for a fact that the orb can indeed revivify Easterners.

> I would assume that, as the bearer of the orb, Zerika could
> heal and revivify Lazlo to her heart's content, effectively giving
> him her lifespan.

Well, I am of two minds about this.

To the right, in the world of Dragaera, while sorcery can indeed
extend life, sometimes by a very great amount indeed, for the most
part, sorcery does not seem to be able to extend life to the degree
suggested above.  Sorcerers are often described as being old, and
looking old.  So, too, are witches described as being old.  Well, one
witch (Noish-pa), anyway, and I'm generalizing from one example.  So
it does not appear that magic can easily "cure" old age, for whatever
reasons.  In addition, despite having the Orb, Zerika does not seem to
be a sorceress herself, and Emperors are not noted as being granted
extended lifespans simply by bearing the Orb.

To the left, I would posit that the decrepitudes of old age are indeed
nothing more than accumulated damage at the cellular and genetic
levels.  If sorcery can heal disease and trauma at a larger physical
level, it *should* be possible to simply heal old age - if not in
oneself, then in another, and sorcerers could simply take turns in
making sure that they are all effectively unagingly immortal.

And as an example, there is the Sorceress in Green, whose lifespan
seems to be unusually long even for a Dragaeran, since she is
apparantly recorded as being in operation several cycles before the
current one, which is indeed a long time.  But the SiG is mysterious,
and perhaps there have been several persons with the same appellation.

There is also Sethra Lavode, who is older than the Empire, but she is
special in many ways, and I sincerely doubt that her long life is
*solely* due to the benefits of the Orb.

So, ultimately, who can say?

> -The no-longer lurking Bobby G

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