Concerning Plurality

Jon_Lincicum at stream.com Jon_Lincicum at stream.com
Tue Nov 29 06:29:43 PST 2005

>>On 11/28/05, Jon_Lincicum at stream.com <Jon_Lincicum at stream.com> wrote:
>>However, some animals on earth have their own name as a plural (i.e 
>>Fish, Orca) and since the house names are all based on animal names, 
>>self-pluralizing makes as much sense as any other approach.
>Just for the record, I don't believe that's true of Orca. All the sources 
I can find in the OED (including national geographic) refer to "orcas" or 
"orca whales".

You may be right, I didn't bother to look that one up.

Here are some more examples from our world:

bison, deer, sheep, swine

However, I don't think I've ever read many of the animal names on Dragaera 
with a "s" at the end. It's norska, darr, kethna, not norskas, darrs, 

Or how about Virt e'Terics talking to Vlad about the conscript troops in 
the other companies? I believe her quote was "They're Teckla".

They. Meaning more than one. Followed by Teckla sans "s". 

I nearly think this nails down the plural form of Teckla at the very