Morrolan's Age

Wed Nov 30 10:07:23 PST 2005

> Apologies if this has already been discussed at some point, but this 
> question has been nagging me:
> Just how old is Morrolan?
> It is said in several places that he was born near the beginning of the 
> Interregnum (possibly even right before Adron's Disaster).
> Yet, In "Paths of the Dead", (while he still thinks of himself as an 
> Easterner) he says to Miska, "A hundred years is too long for me, good 
> Miska; I doubt I shall live that long."
> Since this is 156 years into the Interregnum, it appears that Morrolan is 
> already half again as old as this WHEN HE MAKES THIS STATEMENT. 
> It seems unlikely that he was born more than a year or two after Adron's 
> Disaster, however, since his father perished during the catyclysm.
> Can we chalk this one up to Paarfi misquoting Morrolan in PotD? Or is 
> there a more mundane explanation?

Paarfi quite consistently portrays Morrolan (at least at this time) as
being totally clueless.  I'd say this is just anoher example of that.


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