Concerning Plurality

Davdi Silverrock davdisil at gmail.com
Wed Nov 30 15:50:35 PST 2005

On 11/29/05, Philip Hart <philiph at slac.stanford.edu> wrote:
> On Tue, 29 Nov 2005, Davdi Silverrock wrote:
> > I would prefer my own preferences, of course, since my idiosyncrasies
> > and eccentricities are more correct than anyone else's [1].
> Beware conflating what is and what should be, assuming the latter exists.

Speaking of "should be"s, well, there *should be* some way of
signalling facetiousness and humor.  I understand that some use a
strange and outlandish construction involving a concatenation of a
colon (or semicolon), hyphen, and right-parenthesis (or capital D), in
exactly that sequence, but I understand that this is deprecated by
some authorities, which is hardly surprizing.  I mean, really now.

In the absence of such a construction, well, all that one can hope is
that the tautological outrageousness of a particular statement is
indeed its own signal of facetiousness.

> Anyway, you're as qualified a person to decide this as anyone short of
> SKZB or maybe Mark Mandel, and the latter seems to be away and I don't
> trust the Former.

Oh, bah.  It is to induce blushing, I nearly think.