ABaDC: 11/28/05

Fri Dec 2 09:50:09 PST 2005

On Wed, 30 Nov 2005 23:49:01 -0500, Johne Cook <johne.cook at gmail.com>  

>> From the latest Brust blog post:
> "Now I need to get to work; I have three days to turn my notes on Dzur
> revisions into text (and some of my notes say things like, "Fix this,"
> so it could be entertaining)."
> I had to laugh.  I do this all the time in my day job tech writing.
> My variant is usually something like "Insert link here" or "This
> paragraph should be better but I've got nothin'."  It helps that I
> bold and italicize such sections so they stand out.

I personally use a "//TODO:" tag when I'm leaving part of my program code  
incomplete or otherwise ugly.

//TODO: add another paragraph here, not enough useless text in this email  

It's relatively easy to do a global search for that string, as I know it's  
not going to show in up significant number anywhere other than places I  
need to fix.

Everything works in Theory.

I need to learn how to program in Theory.