Sethra Lavode and gene-scans

Sun Dec 4 11:29:51 PST 2005

Kenneth Gorelick wrote:

> While the Necromancer is often referred to as undead, we must  
> remember that she is in fact a demon from another dimension to whom  
> life and death are no more complex than coffee or tea to the rest of  
> us...
All we have to go on is Vlad's assessment (in Issola) that she is 
undead. (Somewhat surprisingly, I'd always assumed she was undead simply 
based on the discription of her appearance, but it wasn't until Issola 
that the word actually appeared in a description of her.) Paarfi takes 
no stance on her life-state that I can recall.

Although I find the description of her origins in cahpter 18 of PotD to 
be very intriguing. The "World of Seven Doors" of which she "knows six, 
and is not entirely unacquainted with the seventh" interests me 
enormnously. I'm hopeful this reference wasn't just a one-off, and 
actually leads somewhere in one of the later books.