Jhereg, and Vlad's history of revivification, a question for SKZB

Sun Dec 4 14:08:16 PST 2005

Louis Eastman wrote:

>Re: Jhereg. Kiera finds Vlad dead in a gutter, Sethra revives him. So no go
I always felt this reference was trying to point to Vlad's experiences 
in /Yendi/ (although the story given in /Jhereg/ does directly conflict 
with what we see when /Yendi/ finally rolls around), but Vlad does say 
he's been killed "once" prior (as of /Jhereg/ (beginning of ch. 3)) and 
yet he clearly does die in /Yendi/, so I'm not really sure how to 
resolve the apparent conflict.

Mr Brust, would you care to comment on the apparent conflict generated 
by these statements?