Sethra Lavode and gene-scans

Sun Dec 4 19:53:05 PST 2005

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At 02:23 PM 12/4/2005, Jon Lincicum wrote:

> Howard Brazee wrote:
>> I don't think Sethra would want to be Warlord except in extraordinary 
>> circumstances.   She is better off outside the normal political 
>> structure.
> Under what circumstances would Sethra *want* to be Warlord?
> Simple. When it would most benefit the Empire for her to hold the 
> position, rather than another.
> While Sethra Lavode seems to be without ambition of her own, my 
> thought is that her ambitions may simply be more far-sighted than 
> anyone else's.(Which would sort of make sense, given her longevity).  
> This is not to say she is selfless, but it might often seem that way 
> to the mere mortals around her who don't share her perspective.

Sethra is unique, to start with.  She lived an order of magnitude longer 
than any other Dragaeran, to start with (well, maybe an order of 
magnitude in base 5 or 6), then returned as undead because whatever the 
gods wanted of her wasn't yet complete.  If there was ever a paradox in 
a conundrum in an enigma wrapped in a riddle, it is Sethra Lavode.

Regards, Pete
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