Proof Mario is Alive? was Sethra Lavode and gene-scans

Mon Dec 5 05:41:48 PST 2005

mtiller at ntlworld.com wrote:

>Aside from Vlad's implied belief that he is still around, do we have any text ev that Mario survived the explosion and the interregnum?
Well, there's also The Demon's belief that he's still alive, as well as 
Cawti's belief that he's still alive, as well as Teldra's belief he's 
still alive, as well as Morrolan's familiarity with him (in and of 
itself telling, since if Mario had died during Adron's Disaster, he'd 
have been dead before Morrolan was even born).

Especially in The Demon's case, I'd say this is pretty convincing, since 
he's in a position to know.

Sethra (er, Kiera) also makes comments in "Orca" that indicate she 
believes Mario is still current and active--and she's REALLY in a 
position to know if he survived the disaster.