Proof Mario is Alive? was Sethra Lavode and gene-scans

Mon Dec 5 09:27:17 PST 2005

"Doug Croteau" <dougcroteau at comcast.net> wrote:

>>>... also makes comments in ... that indicate she
>>>believes Mario is still current and active
>>Shouldn't we "spoiler" these bits? I don't think everyone on the list has
>>read all of the books.
>Isn't the mailing list the final stage of total Brust addiction? How can 
>you have considered getting on this list until you have read all of the 
>books and are impatiently waiting for the next?

I haven't read all Dragaeran books, as Brokedown Palace seems to be out of 
print. I'd like to avoid having that spoiled, for if/when I can put my 
grubby little hands on it.