The Orca Spoiler - Time to let it go? (was Re: Proof Mario is Alive?...)

Joy Jennifer Nicholson jjnichol at MIT.EDU
Mon Dec 5 10:59:23 PST 2005

Is there anyone on this list who hadn't read already Orca when they first
joined (or within a year of it being published, whichever came first)?

> umm  so what you are telling us is that you are ok with being the guy in
> line to see Revenge of the Sith who tells a 7 year old that Aniken is Darth
> Vader and that his son in gonna be Luke Skywalker.
> I don't think that the fact that I have known a spoiler for 10 years makes
> it any less a spoiler for the audience yet to read the various pieces out
> there.  Heck at this point I'd think it's safe to assume that there were
> children being born when Orca was released that may, in 6 years or so, get
> to that book.  I think it'd be nice for us to leave them the magic that we
> all came to on our own.
> Or one more view on it - Had someone spoiled the Hobbit or the Lord of the
> Rings for you before you read them?  Did you know Gandalf would die, or that
> he'd get better?  I didn't and I am damn thankful that there was not, when I
> first read those books, (books that were 30 years old at that point) someone
> at my side, or in my e-mail telling me about pivotal plot points.
> Just my views,
> Rion
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> >>>[Spoiler] that indicate she believes Mario is still current and active
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> >>Shouldn't we "spoiler" these bits? I don't think everyone on the list has
> >>read all of the books.
> >
> >Isn't the mailing list the final stage of total Brust addiction? How can
> >you have considered getting on this list until you have read all of the
> >books and are impatiently waiting for the next?
> Next month will be the 10th anniversary of the release of Orca and I think
> it might be time to let that particular spoiler go.  The Issola spoiler is
> 4 years old this month (3 years if you want to count from the paperback
> publication) so I don't mind hanging on to that one, for now.
> Yes, I do know that there are some people on this list who haven't read all
> of the books, but I still think it's a bit silly for us to still be using a
> spoiler-warning for a book that's 10 years old on a list designed to
> discuss these books.  If this was a general-purpose, SF mailing-list, then
> sure.  But the Orca spoiler is central to many of the discussion on this
> list, as I suspect the Issola spoiler will be when Dzur comes out.
> Can we put something in the sign-up email that says something to the effect
> of, this mailing is for the discussion of Steven Brust's Dragaera novels,
> be warned that you might see spoilers if you haven't read them all yet.
> Charley Sumner
> An open mind is one thing, letting geese run around in there is completely
> different.