Jhereg, and Vlad's history of revivification, a question for SKZB

Tue Dec 6 11:03:29 PST 2005

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> >Once can mean 'only one time', but can also mean some (unspecified) time
> in
> >the past.  Which is to say the statements "I was killed once." and "I was
> >killed more than once." are not mutually exclusive.
> >
> >http://dictionary.reference.com/search?q=once
> Even more to the point, on re-reading the segment in questions, Vlad is
> actually describing a very specific circumstance in relation to the three
> major types of assassinations, so while he may have only been killed in
> the "first, cheapest, least permanent" manner only "once", he may well
> have been killed in one of the other manners as well, also. (Of course,
> this begs the question of how he survived these more permanent forms of
> death--but luckily, we, in fact, have the answers to that very question in
> /Yendi/.)
> So it would appear I have nearly resolved the apparent conflict myself.
> Just shows what you can do if you read carefully enough, I suppose.
> Majikjon
Or he may have been bragging to the metal box.