Concerning Plurality

Thu Dec 8 15:41:58 PST 2005

> I haven't checked this myself, but I thought it was 1
> for "Issolas" and 2 or 3 for "Issola"? The strength of
> the "possibly" rests on the ratio between the two forms,
> so it's relevant to include numbers for both. 

Actually, some of the plurals I cited appeared in more than one novel, but I
only listed the most recent by publication date.  Furthermore, the book
search doesn't have all the books, so I don't think we can yet do any sort
of enumeration of usage yet, at least not without a little more diligence.

> I would say that the references that only appear in /Jhereg/,
> especially, are probably just "rough edges" of Dragaera that
> get "worn off" by the time Steve's got a few books under his
> belt. 

I was thinking the same way, which is why I listed the most recent reference
only.  That would make "Sethra Lavode" the most accurate, according to this
way of thinking, so I started reading it with an eye for plurals, and right
off the bat, page 14 of the Preface, I see:

"Zerika's support was strongest among the Lyorn, Tiassa, and Hawk nobles, a
statistic that would seem irrational, as these Houses stood to gain the Orb
sooner with a Dragon on the throne.  Yet Lyorns have always held that the
Orb was sacred, and in such questions, the Tiassas have more often than not
followed the Lyorns' lead."