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> On Fri, 9 Dec 2005, Philip Hart [correcting attribution here] wrote:
> >Are there any references to Dragaeran twins, btw?
> None.
> Of course, there are no references to Easterner twins, either (not even in
> BP), so this doesn't count for very much.

While there are no hits on "twins", booksearch does find 3 uses of
"twin"; once as a synonym for "two",  once as being short for "two
identical", and once as being short for "identical copy".

Perhaps a liberty taken by the translator, but also perhaps signifying
that the *concept* of twins does exist.

Thinking about it a bit, even if Dragaerans themselves never give
birth to twins, they may be familiar with other species (including
Easterners) that do sometimes give birth to twins.