Concerning Plurality

Sun Dec 11 11:50:30 PST 2005

I think Steve concentrates on a few houses at a time. Then on the next book
he concentrates on a new group and completely contradicts himself.

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> > However, I note that for some of your hits, the most recently
> > published is actually kinda old.  I would suggest that either Steve
> > hadn't settled on a standard yet, or they are just "typos".
> >
> I would say that the references that only appear in /Jhereg/, especially,
> are probably just "rough edges" of Dragaera that get "worn off" by the
> time Steve's got a few books under his belt.
> For the other conflicting usages (esp. Issolas, or Orcas) I would suggest
> that these may simply be alternate plural forms. Either is correct, it is
> left to the preference of the speaker which to use.
> Alternately, if you'll pardon the pun, the form of "Orca" vs "Orcas" may
> depend on whether you are talking about a group of Orca from one family
> grouping, or talking about all the various Orcas in all of their various
> clans. Kind of the way it's "Fish" for several fish of one species, but
> it's "fishes" for many different species of fishes.
> (And yes, I know that orca aren't fish.)
> My feeling is that the words that are exactly the same as ours (Orca,
> Phoenix, Dragon, Hawk) should probably just pluralize the same way as we
> do, with the caveat that they may have an alternate form (esp. Orca, and
> possibly Phoenix) that is the same as the singular.
> The other houses, so far as I can see from the text ev, is probably always
> the same in both singular and plural form, with possible exceptions of
> Issola and Maaaybe Chreothas, but this last one is only found in /Jhereg/,
> so I have doubts as to its enduring veracity.
> Phew. That's a mouthful.
> Majikjon
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