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> >> Thinking about it a bit, even if Dragaerans themselves never give
> >> birth to twins, they may be familiar with other species (including
> >> Easterners) that do sometimes give birth to twins.
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> >Animal husbandry should give them the concept of multiple births. However
> >it may not follow that they know the concept of "identical" twins or that
> >humans or Easterners might have multiple births. I don't recall any
> >mention of such in the texts personally but I'm hardly as encyclopedic as
> >some others here.
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> Animal husbandry combined with the genetic science that they have shown
> to have will give them such understanding.   I wouldn't be surprised if
> they could create identical twins when desired for some royal or noble
> inheritance purpose.
Steve is setting us up so that when he has Zerika cloned we won't have to
suspend our disbelief too much.