How will House Phoenix arise from the ashes?

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How will House Phoenix arise from the ashes?

>Assuming that Zerika DOES die childless, what happens to the assets and
>titles that belong to House Phoenix? Are they put in trust and managed by 
>steward appointed by Zerika? Are they appropriated by the Empress to 
>of she wishes? If the latter, it could provide an interesting problem 
>the Cycle-created Heir finally did make an appearance some Turns down the

Any material assets would be probably be held in trust by the Empire, 
likely in the care of the Imperial archives (under the control of the 
House of the Lyorn), along with the less concrete things (such as a record 
of proper titles, inheritance, qualified Heirs, etc).

As to how the Phoenix will rise again--this is one subject I really 
hesitate to spend too much time speculating on, since I have the distinct 
impression that Steve's got something up his sleeve, and I don't want to 
ruin it by maybe stumbling into what it is (or at least onto a significant 
part of it) ahead of time.