How will House Phoenix arise from the ashes?

Sat Nov 12 15:21:59 PST 2005

> Anyway, Zerika having returned from the Paths seems like sufficient
> arising for anything more to seem de trop. 

Which is why it may, in fact, be a red herring metaphysically speaking.
While admirable and certainly a wonderful metaphor for death and rebirth,
Zerika's feat had a reasonably good chance of success. Vlad's trip through
the Paths proved that any strong-willed person with proper training can
arrive in the Halls of Judgement. The trick is getting back out again.
Zerika knew the Orb was there and she knew it was hers by divine right. The
only way she might have failed in the end is if she was cowed by the Lords
of Judgement.

In other words, while an amazing feat, it doesn't represent the death and
rebirth of House Phoenix, though it certainly represents the death and
rebirth of the Empire. However, we've already seen that the Cycle will go on
its merry way regardless of the Empire. We don't really know what effect the
loss of one of its component Houses might have.

> And, unless she's got a
> magically perfect genome, anything less than a flock of Phoenix isn't
> going to provide a self-sustainingly diverse genetic population.
Indeed. Hence, the theory that Zerika's death is, in fact, neccesary in
order to trigger the birth of this new "flock of Phoenix". The Phoenix must
actually die before it can be reborn. That's its nature.