How will House Phoenix arise from the ashes?

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Re: How will House Phoenix arise from the ashes?

>I don't think the populations of Greenaere or Elde Island count,
>because they seem to have rejected the Cycle.

I'm not sure if this is really a fair statement. Certainly, the residents 
of Greenaere and Elde reject the *Empire*, but do we know their feelings 
as to the *Cycle*?

>However, do not forget that there is an entire House made up entirely
>of crossbreeds, which House is in fact also ruled by the Cycle.

Not to mention that full-bred members of other houses can join the Jhereg 
if they really want to (given some compelling motivation, see Norathar). 

How many full-bread Phoenix are there in the Jhereg right now that only 
need to be re-admitted to the House in order to count?

>I've always been skeptical about the whole "phoenix flying over the
>birth of a true Phoenix" business; it sounds too much like something
>Vlad misunderstood.  Perhaps the reason he misunderstood is because
>no-one wants to be blunt and explain that the reason that there are
>(or rather, were) so few true Phoenix, is that Phoenix, being often
>decadent, slept around with absolutely anybody, and didn't even bother
>trying to prevent pregnancies, and therefore many of their poor
>bastard crossbreed offspring had no other choice than to become
>Jhereg.  But that also explains how the House could be reborn, and the
>rather gnomic suggestions about what could speculatively be recessives
>that the Lords of Judgement were mumbling about.  It might well prove
>to be interesting that at some point that out of the corruption of the
>Jhereg arises the Phoenix again.

I've noticed that every time Vlad thinks the Dragaerans are being 
metaphorical, he seems to be mistaken.

> Hm.  I think that's a rationalization worthy of Speculation:Phoenix.

Indeed. Hurry up and write it so I can add my counterpoint in... ;-)

>Eh, give the problem to the Iorich to chew on for a while.  I'm
>willing to bet that they would take so long to hash it out that the
>House of the Phoenix would be reborn before they settle the matter.

Making thousands of Imperials for some lucky bunch of advocates, no doubt.

>They could always query the Orb as to how House Phoenix *used* to do it.

Used to do it when? So far as we know, Zerika the First was the last 
reborn Phoenix (before Zerika IV), so if the House did indeed die off and 
get reborn, then that all happened before the Orb came along, so it 
wouldn't remember what they did before. 
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