How will House Phoenix arise from the ashes?

Sun Nov 13 11:01:13 PST 2005

>>"Our" Zerika is the first Reborn Phoenix.

>Ummm... Text evidence? 

Actually, it's the lack of any textev stating that Zerika I was a Reborn
Phoenix. From what we've been told she was sent visions, which she heeded
and  by doing so she created the foundation of what eventually became the

>As a result of the cycle's influence, I'd say it's quite likely that the
>Phoenix death-rebirth thing has been going on for a lot longer than the
>itself, and that every 17 cycles the entire bunch dies out, and we have a
>one. (Of which we know of only the most recent two, Zerika I and Zerika

Granted things get shaky in that we don't know "when" the Halls came into
being in relation to the founding of the Empire; nor do we really know if
The Cycle was constructed by the Lords or if it preceded them. We don't know
if The Cycle encouraged particular tribes and discouraged others or if it
simply reflects the current makeup of The Empire. Still, I have some
difficulty with the idea of it being a Great Cycle between the Revolt and
the Migration. The Easterners ought to have overrun the world in the
meantime. (Note that the Gods could have had a hand in preventing such an

>But in any event, this all happened before the Orb, so consulting it
>tell us the answer (which was my original point, I think. I'm having
>remembering at this point. ;-) ) 

No argument there.