How will House Phoenix arise from the ashes?

Tue Dec 13 17:11:54 PST 2005

Scott Schultz wrote:

>Actually, it's the lack of any textev stating that Zerika I was a Reborn
>Phoenix. From what we've been told she was sent visions, which she heeded
>and  by doing so she created the foundation of what eventually became the
A Lack of evidence to the contrary does not positive evidence make. I 
forget which logical fallacy this is, exactly, but it has a fancy Latin 

>Granted things get shaky in that we don't know "when" the Halls came into
>being in relation to the founding of the Empire; nor do we really know if
>The Cycle was constructed by the Lords or if it preceded them. We don't know
>if The Cycle encouraged particular tribes and discouraged others or if it
>simply reflects the current makeup of The Empire. Still, I have some
>difficulty with the idea of it being a Great Cycle between the Revolt and
>the Migration. The Easterners ought to have overrun the world in the
>meantime. (Note that the Gods could have had a hand in preventing such an
It's strongly implied by Paarfi that the Paths (and the gods) post-date 
the concept of the cycle anyway. (Of course, Paarfi may be smoking 
Dreamgrass, but he's our best source on this to date).