How will House Phoenix arise from the ashes?

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Re: How will House Phoenix arise from the ashes?

>The full exchange between Loiosh and Vlad is:
>[Begin Cite]
>"A whole island of Teckla," said Loiosh.
>"If you want to look at it that way."
>"They have no Houses."
>"So maybe they're all Jhereg."
>[End Cite]
>However, neither of them really knows (or, for that matter, cares). 
>So I wouldn't put that much weight on those comments.
>And, just to point out: It is my understanding - which I grant may be
>wrong - that Teckla have House purity as well.
>One of the things that has not been explained in the text (so far as I
>know) is what the rules and attitudes are towards *breeding* with
>those who have joined a House, given how important House purity is. 
>So, I don't think any Dzur father would have been happy to marry their
>daughter off to Mellar, even if he *was* a Dzur by their House rules.

>Would a Teckla father want his daughter to marry an Easterner who
>joined the House?
>Hm.  I am not sure how it is all supposed to work.

>In this case, there is textev for the crossbreedness accusation:
>Sethra Lavode, infodumping to Norathar: "To be blunt, I received word
>that you were a bastard. I'm sorry, but that's what I was told. [...]
>I was further told that your true father was not a Dragon."

Ah yes. That seems quite clear. Still, I think it's plausible that other 
Jhereg are indeed full genetic members of some other house (likely Teckla 
for the most part, but there could be some disgraced Dragons, Dzur, Lyorn, 
etc). Each House has their own standards for behaviour and someone (like, 
oh, say, Kragar) may get booted from their House for violating those 
standards, and find the prospect of being a Jhereg preferable to being a 

>> Perhaps. But then, with the Empire (and apparently the cycle) broken,
>> they simply may not have stopped to consider that it might be 
>Yet *after* the Empire is restored, Zerika is said specifically to
>have been the only member of her House.  No alleged "unheralded"
>Phoenix were even hinted at.

Well, afterwards it seems like she's been pretty busy being Empress--which 
(unlike her immediate predessesor) occupies a great deal of her attention.

>The salacious scene I suggested wasn't just casual sex, but a wild
>orgy.  And, as I was trying to imply, the Phoenix  wife was not caring
>enough to cast the contraceptive spell, which is what makes it
>*really* dirty to Dragaerans.

Oh! Yeah! That's it, baby! Corrupt my racial purity! Oh yeah! That's how I 
like it!

>Perhaps the family of her foster parents?  Something else for Dragons
>to fight over...

But then, if Sethra Lavode *did* just step up and claim it, I can't 
imagine anyone putting up much of a fuss about it--legal or no.
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