How will House Phoenix arise from the ashes?

Tue Dec 27 10:57:14 PST 2005

Howard Brazee wrote:
> Stephen Shafer wrote:
> >>
> >> So maybe Kragar is full Dragon, but so dangerous to a primarily military
> >> house like the Dragons (given that he's good enough at getting things done
> >> to be promoted, but absolutely horrible at being in charge), that he'd get
> >> kicked out?
> >>
> >> Not to be contrary, but I doubt that Kragar's reason for being kicked out
> >of the house has to do with his ability to command.  Why wouldn't they just
> >demote him?  I would guess that he committed a crime or deed outside of
> >battle (read assassination or some other improper Dragon act) that got him
> >booted from the house.
> >
> >
> What is a demoted Dragon Lord?   A Dragon Commoner?  Have we met such?

What is an improper Dragon act, anyway?  I kinda had the impression that
a *proper* Dragon fights to win [1], and the honor of the House is that
they win wars.  Espionage just isn't much fun to a Dragon, because if
done properly no one knows that you've won, right? (IANA CIA agent, but
I assume that's correct)?  And breaking your word is a good way to get
people to distrust you, which leads to them preferring an enemy to you
when it comes to alliance - and Dragons have noticed that it's much
easier to win with a bigger army.  Similarly, Dragons want to be
Warlords because that's the best way to show that you can win wars
publically.  The e'Lanyas were Dragon Heirs because the e'Lanyas were
notoriously good tacticians (or at least that's the thing Sethra finds
worthy of mention regarding e'Lanyas, rather than that e'Lanyas are
notoriously *honorable*).   And at least one Dragon was willing to
enlist a Jhereg in his army, and not for his skill in charging the enemy
head-on.  Similarly, Kieron was willing to use Dolivar's scum to do the
scouting, etc.  OTOH, Kieron got killed for his fight to get the Jhereg
into the Cycle [2] - don't remember if itwas stated that the Dragons did
it, or some other tribe.

[1] As opposed the Dzur, who apparently fight because they want to be
heroes, and dying in a good cause is as good as winning it.
[2] I think the Jhereg being part of the Cycle would be an argument
against the theory that the Jenoine created the Cycle when they created
the Houses. - Or, hm, have we ever heard anything about Serioli gods?