Say it ain't so!

Kenneth Gorelick pulmon at mac.com
Mon Jan 2 18:29:20 PST 2006

On Jan 2, 2006, at 8:39 PM, Erik Holmes wrote:

> Ok, I was just browsing Amazon and came across a link for Dzur that  
> stated that it wasn't going to
> be out until August.
> For someone reason I got the impression that it was going to be out  
> much sooner then that. :(
> Guess I'll go reread Issola for the 10th time . . . (or maybe  
> Phoenix).
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> something about courage."
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Yeah, I prepaid for Dzur (full price, no less) at Amazon,  
anticipating an April release date. Now it is back to August...I only  
hope that he is working hard on TSALMOTH to relieve our  
curiousity...my personal hypothesis is that it is "LAST MOTH" spelled  
inside out.