Vlad's Mother Speculation

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Vlad's Mother Speculation

>I know I posted this before, but I didn't see any comments on this. 
>  Since Devera keeps calling Vlad "Uncle Vlad", isn't it possible that 
Verra is Vlad's mother?
>  That would make Aliera his sister both biologically (except for 
difference in species) and spiritually, explaining why she puts up 
>with/likes Vlad. 
>  Maybe if Verra has a child with a Dragaeran, then the child is 
Dragaeran.  If she has a child with an Easterner, then the child is an 
>Easterner.  This could explain Vlad's father's dislike of Vlad learning 
witchcraft, because he may figure things out.
>  Does this make any sense?

This is yet another topic on which the wikicity chimes in. Is there 
anything it *can't* do?