The Magic Box

Tue Jan 3 17:43:36 PST 2006

rone wrote:

>What makes you say this?  There's only proof that Vlad is talking to
>the box.  We also know that Steven Brust is translating Paarfi's books.
Well, there's also the theory that Devera acts as a courier. But if 
we're playing along with the idea that Brust is only recording these 
stories as related by someone else, then he has to get the stories from 

It's true that the "Silver Box" delivery method is the only means that 
has been explicitly noted in the books, it's a reasonably safe 
assumption to make that Brust "The Interviewer" might use this method to 
gather the Paarfi stories and BP via the same method.

To the left, of course, seeing as how Brust "The Interviewer" must have 
traveled to Dragaera on at least on occasion (Vlad claims to have met 
the man who gave him the magic box) it's at least possible that Brust 
may have simply picked up a copy of Paarfi's works while he was there 
and simply translated them. (However, the interview with Paarfi at the 
end of FHYA indicates that Paarfi is aware that these books are being 
published outside of Dragaera in a different format.)

Goodness knows where Brust "The Translator" got the money to pay Paarfi 
for the right to do this... Perhaps it's because he knows better than to 
play a seven duece off-suit? ;-)