(Orca spoiler)

Peter H. Granzeau pgranzeau at cox.net
Thu Jan 5 08:23:08 PST 2006

At 01:06 AM 1/5/2006, Maximilian Wilson wrote:
>On 1/4/06, Jon Lincicum <lincicum at comcast.net> wrote:
> > At the same time, I'm not sure I can conceive of Sethra being in any way
> > shape or form interested in secretly being Paarfi... Not that there's
> > anything not to like about Paarfi, understand, he just doesn't strike me
> > as the type of person that Sethra would be willing to put with.
>This begs the question [wicked look]: what aspects of being Kiera does
>Sethra most enjoy? Having friendships, breaking the law, the challenge
>of high-tech (magic) theft, not killing people?

I wouldn't say that it was a matter of "enjoyment" at all.  Sethra 
may have ways to pass the time, of course, but I would have said that 
Kiera is able to do things and go places that Sethra Lavode can't, 
and doesn't, and that is the reason for Kiera's existence.

Now, Kiera's interest in Vlad is interesting, but I don't think we 
have any evidence of a reason for it at all, just some suppositions 
based on other things we have learned about Vlad.

Regards, Pete
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