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Thu Jan 5 20:41:54 PST 2006

Philip Hart wrote:

>On Thu, 5 Jan 2006, Davdi Silverrock wrote:
>>On 1/4/06, Philip Hart <philiph at slac.stanford.edu> wrote:
>>>If this wasn't obvious from recent comments (e.g., at least three over
>>>the last month mixing P and S), then my bad.  I had sort of assumed that
>>>there was a Paarfi-as-puppet wiki page by now, given that it comes up
>>Actually, there is not.
>>Why don't you summarize your logic on this topic?  That is, write it
>>up, presenting every argument in its favor.
>I wrote at least a summary on the topic here on at least one occasion.
>Perhaps I can dig one or more up.  Unfortunately I have come over time
>to find the matter boring and simply taken it on as a viewpoint.
You did indeed. And interestingly, I was in Miami at the time and 
couldn't search my archives when the discussion came up. If we're 
searching the list archives, January of 2005 is the month in question, 
and the thread is the questions about Paarfi thread. More specifically:


and the actual summary:


I can grab more cites for this line of speculation from my personal list 
archive if they're wanted (I generally have an easier time finding 
things that way).


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