(Orca spoiler)

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Re: (Orca spoiler)

>On Thu, 5 Jan 2006, rone wrote:
>> Philip Hart writes:
>>   There's a bit in _Issola_ where V mutters to himself in F, so perhaps
>>   he's fully bilingual or that's his milk tongue.
>> I think he admits to not being fluent in it.
>He might have stopped speaking/hearing F regularly at a young age
>and lack a fully native grammar/vocab but still have it in his
>deep language center.  But if he's not fluent then the Vladiad's
>in Dragaeran.


V: "How many languages do you speak, Teldra?"
T: "Several," she said, "And you?"
V: "None well. A bit of Fenarian. A smattering of a few other Eastern 

I like the fact that he doesn't even claim to speak Dragaeran 'well'. But 
Vlad's assessment of his own abilities would be consistent with the above