Religious swearing

Howard Brazee howard at brazee.net
Sat Jan 7 19:10:11 PST 2006

Jon Lincicum wrote:

> Given the nature of swearing, it makes sense that the more taboo a
>particular subject is in a given culture, the more likely it is that it 
>would make a good swear. Kinda interesting social comment there, I would 
I'm not sure.   How religious of a country is France today?   And which 
population in the U.S. is most likely to use religious swearing - the 
fundamentalists?    Or Catholics?    There is a tremendous amount of 
cultural conservativism in swearing.

But where this conversation goes to is determining how various cultures 
in Dragaera swear.   It doesn't appear that the Easterners have the same 
confidence in the everyday existence of gods.   Do both cultures say 
swear by Vera's blood?   It is interesting that when Vlad used an 
unfamiliar curse - he was asked if that was from something that really 
had been observed (we had observed that yes, it was in fact something real).

Can someone look through the text for examples of swearing - and in 
particular the above example?