Cool! (Issola Spoiler)

Mon Jan 9 16:02:18 PST 2006

That would actually be cool- Vlad becoming a god without knowing it.

James Griffin,

Still Another Vlad faN

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> >On 1/9/06, Steve Simmons <scs at di.org> wrote:
> >> Thanks.  It explains Vlads emerging godhood, too.  Oh, you didn't know
> >> Vlad was becoming a god?  Reread Issola and watch for Vlad being in
> >> three places at once.
> >
> >???
>Well, I think he's referring to the second escape attempt from the
>Jenoine's place.
>Vlad ends up experiencing three separate experiences simultaneously, which
>is confusing to read until you break each bit up and read every third one
>as a separate thread.
>I would contend that this doesn't so much give Vlad the ability to be
>three places at once, so much as it shows how many "Places" the Jenoine
>have (by their own conception of "place") all within the same phsyical
>location (as WE se "place").
>At least, that's what I thought SKZB was going for.