the honing of Vlad (was Re: How much does Vlad *really* know about Kragar?)

Mon Jan 9 16:55:13 PST 2006

Howard Brazee wrote:

> rone wrote:
>> Davdi Silverrock writes:
>>  On 1/9/06, Howard Brazee <howard at brazee.net> wrote:
>>  > We have seen a couple of cases of dual or more citizenship.
>>  > Tekla/Dragon an Tekla/Dzur.
>>  Who? Where? When?
>> I think he means lackeys that wear a House's livery, but that's hardly
>> "citizenship".
>> rone
> I was thinking of a (spoiler) Teckla who became a Dzur via combat. and 
> Krager.   Was I mistaken?

Mellar: A half-breed with Jhereg on one side and Dzur/Dragon on the other.

Kragar: A full-breed Dragon (so far as we know, see Davdi's theory about 
how he might be a crossbreed) who was kicked out of the house.

At no point did either of these have "dual" citizenship. Mellar wasn't 
allowed to join any of the houses of his ancestry (except the Jhereg) 
due to the fact of his mutt genetics, and Kragar was kicked out of the 
Dragons (he says) for incompetence, meaning he had to join the Jhereg, 
or be *without* a house at all.

I suppose the only person who might count for "dual" citizenship is 
Sethra Lavode, (Dragon/Dzur) but nobody is really sure what house she 
comes from, originally, and she doesn't even get invited to parties 
(except Morrolan's). And besides, Sethra is the exception for just about 
any and every rule you can think of.