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OT: grammar (was: Re: the honing of Vlad)

>On Mon, Jan 09, 2006 at 08:26:09AM -0700, Jeff G. wrote:
>> 1. Those that are complete and ready for whatever purpose the LoJ have 
>> retained (Kieron)
>> 2. Those that are complete, but still have a purpose are sent back as 
>> (Sethra)
>> 3. Those that are flawed, or not needed are kept as servants (Purple 
>> or dumped as needed for random reincarnation.
>> 4. Those that are not yet complete are sent back to learn the specific
>> skills / mindset to serve the purpose the LoJ have set for them. (Vlad)
>Is it just me or should those sentences open with "Those who" instead of
>"Those that", since the subjects are people?  There should be a grammar
>fiend or three on this list who would know.

Given the nature of some of the gods (Ordwynac is a flaming stick, for 
crying out loud) "Those That" may, in fact, be more correct in many cases. 
Presumably, the gods started out as souls to be judged, themselves. (If 
not from Dragaera, then from somewhere else.)

Nyssa is a formless cloud, Barlen and Tri'nagore are scaly monsters of 
some sort, and this doesn't even include the one who's a hyper-intelligent 
shade of the color blue.

(Gotta love those subtle HHG references.)