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> I think it's debateable.  The Organization appears to be distinct from
> the aristocratic hierarchy. It could just as easily be that the Jhereg
> Heir is mostly a figurehead who is allowed to do whatever he wants,
> except with the restriction that the Jhereg Council is not made
> unhappy by what he does, and the Organization is thus able to do
> whatever it pleases, even when the Heir becomes the Emperor.  In other
> words, the Jhereg aristocracy always defers to the Organization in
> matters pertaining to the Organization.
> But I could be wrong, and perhaps the Empire becomes the biggest
> Jhereg area of all when the Cycle turns that way, and the Emperor is
> synonymous with the head of the Jhereg Council at that time.
> Or maybe it's even worked both ways in different Cycles.
> Can anyone cite anywhere the mention of a Jhereg heir? I might be
misremembering, but I thought that the entire Jhereg council (not just the
head) ran the Empire in lieu of having an Emperor figurehead.



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