Not a witch?

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Re: Not a witch?

>There is more than one type of psychic communication. Vlad and Loiosh 
>can communicate clearly despite the Phoenix Stones' disruption of 
>psychic/sorcerous energy, due to the familiar/witch bond. Nobody can 

Yeah, well, I've always seen this as a case of plot convenience, more than 
anything else, since Brust never explains how a witch/familiar bond is 
different from normal psychic contact.

There was an internal decision-making process  that said, "I need a way to 
shield Vlad from Psychic energy to hide him from the Jhereg, but I need to 
keep up the ongoing conversations between him and Loiosh while I do so."

And rather than explaining a contrived difference between Vlad/Loiosh's 
conversations and normal psychic ones, Brust simply notes that there *is* 
a difference of some kind, and moves along. 

This is not a criticism. In fact, it's a rather elegant way of preventing 
a piece of fairly meaningless minutae from getting in the way of a good 

However, this is one example of where the books cross out of Science 
Fiction (which generally offers explanations for things) into true Fantasy 
(which does not). 

>contact Vlad or even trace him using psionics/psychics because of the 
>disruptive field. It also causes him to be unable to contact others. I 
>don't remember what the results of Sethra's experiments showed regarding 
>the properties of Phoenix Stones.

No results of this were ever offered to the reader, so it's not surprising 
that you don't remember them. ;-)