Not a witch?

Thu Jan 12 07:20:00 PST 2006

> Given Daymar's power, I think anyone who has *genuine* contempt for
> someone who can break through a military teleport block -- not to
> mention everything else Daymar has done -- is entirely confused.

Don't confuse contempt for Daymar with contempt for his science or his
skills. Daymar is the quintessential nerd. His associates have the same
reactions to him that a group of high-school friends would have to the
"bookworm" in the group who couldn't get less than an 'A' even if he tried
to fail, talked above everyone's heads half the time, and had no clue that
anyone might find him annoying. His place in the social group doesn't come
from his personality. It comes from being basically forthright at all times
and useful for skills and knowledge that the rest of the group would
otherwise have no inkling of or access to. .

The fact that the "nerd" is oblivious to both his nerdiness and to the
teasing he gets from his friends is simply the hallmark of his role in the
group. Being completely unaware/uninterested in the obvious personal gain he
could achieve from it is a more than adequate reason for most people to hold
him in contempt. In the "parable of the onion", Vlad insinuates that this is
a trait of Hawklords in general, though I think Daymar may be an extreme

Interesting picturing Vlad and Co. as the Archie gang. I imagine that Vlad
and Loiosh would have an interesting conversation about which one of them is
Jughead. *heh*

As for the status of Psychics, I get the impression that there are probably
several branches of "fringe" schools of magic. As noted, it seems to be
rather similar to Witchcraft, though it's methods are derived from the
Dragaeran left-brain approach to such things compared to the Eastern
right-brain approach. It might well be a hallmark of House Hawk that it has
nearly as many "schools" of esoteric science as it has family lines to
research and teach them.