Not a witch?

Thu Jan 12 15:40:34 PST 2006

Maximilian Wilson wrote:

>It can't? I thought I remembered Loiosh having trouble communicating
>with Vlad on Greenaere. I'm almost positive Loiosh commented on the
>difficulty of sensing *others* there, but I also thought he had
>trouble communicating with Vlad when Vlad was in jail and Loiosh was
>flying back for help.
My impression of that was that Loiosh was simply too tired from flying 
all that way to attempt to do any talking.

(By the time Vlad wakes up from the Dreamgrass, Loiosh is already well 
on his way.)

And we don't really know how distance normally affects a familiar/with 

The only times Vlad and Loiosh have been separated by more than the 
width of a single city are:

#1) During the escapade on Greenaere
#2) During Loiosh's recuperation with Hwdf'rjaanci in /Orca/
#3) During Loiosh's "Honeymoon" (presumably, we don't really know how 
far away he and Rocza were during that period)

None of these really answer the question, since Vlad doesn't *attempt* 
communication with Loiosh in any but the first example.

There's also that recently-cited bit in /Issola/ where Vlad and Loiosh 
get "separated" but the distance is not so much measured in feet or 
miles as it is in planes of existence...