SF vs. Fantasy, which is witch?

Thu Jan 12 16:14:14 PST 2006

rone wrote:

>Jon_Lincicum at stream.com writes:
>  Really, I think the only real category you could call the Dragaera books 
>  is the "other" SF, "Speculative Fiction". This nicely avoids calling it 
>  science, but still allows for magical things and science things to appear.
>I hate the term 'speculative fiction', because it implies that there's
>another kind of fiction that isn't speculative.
Historical Fiction?
Romance Novels?
Murder Mysteries?

Sure, all of them *involve* some small amount of speculation, but they 
are not *centered* around a speculative premise. They're just fictional 
instances of things that actually happen all the time.(Or actually did 
happen, as in the first example.)