Fw: Not a witch?

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Re: Not a witch?

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>> come to be. I would venture to guess that may be because he was very 
young (in his
>> early-to-mid twenties?) at the time and still had the brash arrogance 
of youth.
>My impression was that he thought he was going to his death and didn't

Yes, but I'd wager if he had to make a similar trip today he wouldn't be 
willing to leave Loiosh behind.

Of course, the fact that he has a Great Weapon and a bunch of powerful 
friends makes something of a difference, as well, I suppose.

>want to take Loiosh down with him. Note that Vlad is *still* in his
>twenties, the way I count time.

Checking Alex's speculative timeline, I see he estimates Vlad's age at 18 
during Taltos, 21-22 and by the time of Phoenix.

We don't really have a clear idea of how many years he's been wandering 
the countryside, but Alex speculates he's 26 or so by the time of Issola.

Now, I might take issue with some of this (My impression is that Vlad was 
out in the world for 5-6 years by the time of Athyra) but this would still 
make him only barely 30 years old.

Funny. I'd always thought of him as close to 30 by the time he met Cawti. 
The only way this works is if his birth gets pushed back earlier than 222, 
but this doesn't really jive with what Noish-Pa tells Vlad about the riots 
of 221, so...