How's Noish-Pa these days?

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Re: Fw: Not a witch?

>I like the idea that he was gone long enough to change his personality 
>some.    What intrigues me is what happened to his family during his 
>absence - and what Steve has planned for his relationship with 
>particular known and unknown family members.

One of my notions is that Noish-Pa ends up being a better administrator of 
Szurke County than most other Dragaeran nobility.

I get these visions of him lowering all his Teckla traditional tribute 
percentages to a mere fraction, resulting in a happy, healthy, prosperous 
region with a booming population and high tax revenues due to a robust 

He'd probably pour all this extra wealth back into benefits for the 
commmoners, kicking the cycle into ever higher spirals. 

When Vlad comes back to claim his estate, he may find that he's become 
*very* rich indeed.

But hey, there's always the chance that a jealous neighbor in a nearby 
county might try to stir up trouble for him, so things may not be all 
sweetness and light.