Vampire/Necromancer/Loraan speculation

Steve Simmons scs at di.org
Fri Jan 13 13:30:06 PST 2006

On Thu, Jan 12, 2006 at 09:22:36AM -0800, Jon_Lincicum at stream.com wrote:
> Steve Simmons <scs at di.org> 

> >The common man (ie, Vlad, etc) knows that the undead are vampires who
> >are returned by the Gods for their own purposes.  Thus everyone who is
> >undead (a vampire) must have been returned by the Gods. 

> Are all undead Vampires?

Well, yes, that's my question.  My paragraph above might possibly
have been followed with the comment ''...and we all know neither
Vlad nor the Common Man are never wrong'' but that seemed to be
driving the point home a bit too firmly.

> Are there no Wraiths, Wights, Zombies, Were-Wolves, or their ilk?

Good question.  Was Keira a wraith when she wasn't dead but didn't
have a body?  Is Keiron a wriath?  The arguement could be made that
one or both are wraiths in a Dragaeran sense.  And the Necromancer
raised up a bunch of walking dead soldiers in 'Viscount,' IMHO they
were close enough to zombies for me.

> And do we know that Loraan was a Vampire?
> Is the Necromancer a Vampire?

Cf 'that's my question' above.

> I seem to remember Vlad implying that there are other types of undead, and 
> that Sethra just happened to be a Vampire, but I can't remember what book 
> this is from.

Hmm, I must have missed that.  Anybody got a textref?
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