Vampire/Necromancer/Loraan speculation

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> > And do we know that Loraan was a Vampire?
> > Is the Necromancer a Vampire?
> Cf 'that's my question' above.
> > I seem to remember Vlad implying that there are other types of undead, and
> > that Sethra just happened to be a Vampire, but I can't remember what book
> > this is from.
> Hmm, I must have missed that.  Anybody got a textref?


Vlad referring to Loraan, and therefore demonstrating that at least
Vlad thinks that it is possible to be an undead but not a vampire:
  /Athyra/: "So perhaps he is not a vampire. Although that proves
nothing. Sethra is a vampire, but she still eats and drinks, and
requires very little blood."

Vlad, referring to Sethra Lavode and the Necromancer, therefore
demonstrating that he thinks that they are both undead.
  /Issola/: "The two pale, black-clad undead women regarded each
other-thin faces, ancient eyes; sort of a strange mirror image."

Vlad,  implying that as far as he knows, the Necromancer is not a
vampire; that is, he would have phrased it differently if he thought
she is a vampire, rather than just looking like one:
  /Issola/: "In addition, though I knew Sethra was a vampire, the
Necromancer looked like one-so pale, wasted, drawn; like someone in
the last stages of some horrible disease."