Dragaera, France, and Firefly

Sun Jan 15 17:29:39 PST 2006

Two questions folks, and apologies if either of them have been recently 
addressed on the list--it's been way too busy for me to keep up with, 
and topic drift has made subject lines not much use.

On topic first: Am I wrong in thinking that Dragaera, especially 
pre-interregnum, seems to share a lot of traits with France just before 
1789? The thought has passed my mind before, but it particularly struck 
me recently while reading a book on the Revolution that included a 
brief description of the situation just beforehand--with wildly varying 
systems of measurement, laws, internal tariffs and customs, and so on, 
throughout the kingdom.

Less on topic: Any word on Steve's Firefly/Serenity novel lately? I 
recently read a bit of an interview in which Whedon basically said that 
he was done with the franchise... but hey, novels could fly, maybe? 
Surely they don't take as much money to produce as a series or film.

Thanks all! Back to your regularly scheduled rampant speculation. :)

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