Dragaera, France, and Firefly

Mon Jan 16 11:53:35 PST 2006

The series is IMO better than the film--more time to really dig into 
the characters and all that good stuff. The film is worth watching, 
however, and I do know of at least one person who watched it without 
knowledge of the series that did enjoy it.

On Jan 16, 2006, at 10:59 AM, Scott Schultz wrote:

> My son rented Serenity the other day. I've been wondering if I should 
> beg,
> borrow, or steal a copy of the TV Series  DVD set before watching it.

"You were Marlon Brando,
  I was Steve McQueen.
  You were K.Y. Jelly,
  I was Vaseline.
  You were the father of modern medicine,
  I was Mr. Clean.
  You where the whore and the beast of Babylon,
  I was Rin Tin Tin."
	--Leonard Cohen, "Is This What You Wanted"